The Brass ★★★☆☆ (3.2)

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  • Flavour
  • Texture
  • Heat Retention
  • Size
  • Service


This place may surprise you! The wings are hit and miss. You could order 1 pound of wings and later that same evening order another pound and have a completely different experience. It could be how their kitchen staff prep and buffer their food. As a result, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad.

“The brass is a great bar in Kingston’s hub. A warm environment with a laid back easy going feel. The service and food is known to be hit and miss, but this time around things were spot on! There are a few wing flavours that are unique to this location. Definitely worth trying!”

“So we haven’t had the most consistent luck at The Brass, and we’ve been going there for a long time. I’d say 75% of the time, my wings have been terrible…However, I have no idea what they did when we were there this time, but the wings were really good! I never order a second pound, and I did this time. I tried the Sweet Hot on a recommendation from someone, and it was actually really good. I would order wings there again, but I’m still going to be nervous about how it’s going to turn out. ”

“Much better than I was expecting.”

“Sweet Hot, baby. I’m all about that Sweet Hawt.”