Wild Wing ★★★☆☆ (2.9) CLOSED

September 16, 2015, by Webmaster, category Wing Reviews
  • Flavour
  • Texture
  • Heat Retention
  • Size
  • Overall Experience

UPDATE: The downtown Kingston Wild Wing closed in mid-2016.

“Super slow on the food. Some people finished their wings well before others even got theirs. Must have only been one person in the kitchen. Wings were sub par but the variety makes it a must go destination.”

“Seemed like the kitchen was understaffed – very slow to get our wings out. Some people were done eating by the time someone else’s wings finally showed up. ”

“My wings, while delicious, arrived cold an hour after ordering. But then again there were like 20 of us, so it’s almost certainly our own fault. Honey jerk is killer.”

“Size and heat retention was lacking. Service was very slow, but to be fair we had a big group. On the plus side, they have a huge selection of great flavours.”

“It’s too bad there were so many people. It hurt their heat retention.”

“Cons – A good half hour between the time the first and last person got their meal. Some people ate, paid, and left before others got their food. Food arrived lukewarm. Not enough gar par.”

“I think the fact that we had such a large party is really going to screw over our review of this place. We were all so excited and basically stampeded in, ordering all at once. I don’t know if the cooks knew how to cook for such a large crowd…The wings came out very slowly, and it tasted as though they cooked a massive batch of wings then tossed them all separately. Flavour was amazing, but the heat retention was terrible. I will definitely go back, but in a smaller group to give them a better chance. “