JAKK Tuesdays ★★★★☆ (3.7)

October 21, 2015, by Webmaster, category Wing Reviews
  • Wing Flavour
  • Wing Texture
  • Heat Retention
  • Wing Size
  • Restaurant Experience


A great venue to enjoy sports over some great food. The wings were very enjoyable.

“Great texture, great heat retention, and unique flavours. The service and atmosphere were good too. Looking forward to our next visit.”

“Had a great time here. Loved the JAKK sauce wings. My only negative feedback would be the wing size. Could be bigger. The meat was good on them though!”

“Heat retention was impressive, and the flavour of the hot sauce was great, it’s not franks, which was a huge plus for us.”

“The hot wings had a hint of sweetness to them that really spoke to me. Also: couches. Couches are always nice.”