Lone Star Texas Grill ★★★★☆ (3.7)

lone star
  • Wing Flavour
  • Wing Texture
  • Heat Retention
  • Wing Size
  • Restaurant Experience

“Great size wing, good taste, excellent texture/crispness. Exceptional service.”

“The wings were a great size and very meaty – the flavour of the sauce was great, but the wings arrived lukewarm and were cold fairly quickly.”

“Great service – did well to accommodate out large group during a busy dinner rush. Heat retention was weak as most wings came out luke warm at best.
Sauce was not too much and had great flavour – medium was spicy and tangy but most definitely a sauce from a jar!
Wings were well cooked and meaty – worth the price. Veggies were lacking.”

“The wings were very meaty, with a good sauce balance and great flavour. Heat retention was extremely poor, but not enough to take away from the enjoyment of the wings. Best non-local wings this group has ever had!”

“These wings have a crispiness that I have yet to taste anywhere else. I think I enjoy the texture to the point where I might just order a plain batch next time. Over time the wings got soggy because of the sauciness”