The Iron Duke on Wellington ★★★★☆ (4.3)

Iron Duke on Wellington
  • Flavour
  • Texture
  • Heat Retention
  • Size
  • Service


The Iron Duke on Wellington has some of the best wings in town. The atmosphere in the restaurant is an enjoyable mix of classy and casual. A definite must-go if you’re looking for good wings in Kingston.

Group Comments

“These wings blow my mind. I was sad that fullness became a factor and I had to stop eating them. They are big, hot, well breaded, well flavoured wings.”

“New #1 for me. Wings were fantastic with a great sauce selection. Not a single complaint or criticism.”

“I don’t usually like dry rub wings but the buffalo dry rub was really good and crispy! I’ve always loved the wings here, but tonight was particularly spot-on.”

“Cool choice of flavours. The wings were big, hot, and crispy!”

“They should make a bigger deal about their wings. They’re among the best in town for sure.”

“The featured Smoky Chipotle BBQ sauce was fantastic. The Duke nailed a great balance of wing size, sauciness, and texture. Also worth noting is how well they managed to accommodate our group of 10, which is no easy feat.”

“I honestly think these are the best wings in the city. The wings were large, cooked to a near perfect crisp texture. I think what really hit it out of the park for me the flavour. I enjoy honey garlic wings; one of the things I look for is for the sauce to at least not have an artificial flavour or the aspartame like taste. These not only did not have that issue, you could really taste a full honey flavour with the garlic mixed in. My second round were the cajun wings, and I am not a fan of hot food but I could not stop licking my fingers of all the dry rub goodness. The service was excellent despite not having seating for us at first; which I do not hold against them as we had a large group. The waitress routinely made sure we were informed of the wait for a table and the waitress that took over was also very prompt, attentive, and lighthearted. I highly recommend this location for wings.”

“Sriracha Honey is raaaaadicaaaaal.”

“The only problem with these wings is that they’re so big, a pound looks like less food. Great wings overall. A near perfect balance of sauciness and crispiness.”