Union Kitchen + Cocktails ★★★★★ (4.6)

union kitchen
  • Wing Flavour
  • Wing Texture
  • Heat Retention
  • Wing Size
  • Restaurant Experience


Man, only one wing flavour on the menu, but Union knocks it out of the park!

“They have one flavour. Normally that works against the venue. Not the case here. These wings are amazing. The flavour is a kind of sweet & spicy with bits of bacon worked into the sauce. The texture is spot on. They’re crispy, but still saucy. Very filling too. We shall return.”

“Y’know how Steamwhistle brands their beer as “doing one thing really, really well?” That’s how Union does their wings. Unlike Steamwhistle, the wings actually ARE really, really good. Whereas Steamwhistle is garbage.”

“The atmosphere was really nice everyone was really friendly and those glowing ball things were trippy as fuck.”

“The atmosphere at Union is really cool. It feels upscale but chill, trendy but welcoming. Parking is hard to find, but you’ll encounter that anywhere downtown. Take the bus, stupid.”

“…we all tried other dishes too and they were also amazing.”

“These were the best wings I’ve ever had. “